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The Ghost of Moby Dick

Bill has been fascinated with the great white whale since he read MOBY DICK when Bill was a child. Its strength and power has lived on in his memory for many years and from this memory, Bill created The Ghost of Moby Dick from alabaster. Sperm whales do not have a dorsal fin, but this Ghosts dorsal fin serves as a wing as its spirit flies into visibility.

This piece is currently in the The Premiere Gallery in Pawley's Island, South Carolina.

Price: $2,500.00

Fish Fantasy Fountain

As a child, Bill Culverhouse used to swim in the ocean on a float. Once day he was on a float about 100 yards from shore when a dolphin caught the same wave as the one Bill was riding. As the dolphin came nearer, Bill who had thought the dolphin was one of his young friends was startled to learn that he was swimming with what he thought was a very large fish. It leapt from the water and blew water from the blowhole in its head. Bill assumed in his child's mind that the water was coming from the fish's mouth. That night in his dreams he saw the fantasy of this fountain.

Dimensions: 55 inches tall, 18 inches wide
Base: 20 inches square
Material: Soapstone (steatite)

Price: $10,000.00

Calling the Spirits

"Calling the Spirits" is a group of three Native Americans in a ceremony. One plays the rattle, another a drum and the third plays a flute. Culverhouse was involved in a ceremony in which he became a blood brother of one of his closest friends when these three old Indians sat on a bluff calling the spirits. The sun was setting behind them as they chanted. Culverhouse acquired a piece of pink alabaster that he owned for several years before he could see what was intrinsic in the stone. One day at sunset, he realized these Native Americans were waiting to be carved and he then set to work to bring their spirits out of the stone.

Price: $150,000.00

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