Juris Doctorate, William and Mary
Bachelor of Science in Psychology, William and Mary

Study of sculpture

Beginning in 1960 with George Laakso, founder with his wife Ruth of the Boardwalk Art Show in Virginia Beach. Continued study of sculpture with Gert Olsen after death of Laakso.

During past 30 years, Culverhouse's sculpture has been collected by art connoisseurs throughout the United States, Japan, the Caribbean, Mexico and Canada.

Sculpture Awards

Best in Show in Sculpture
Merchants Square Art Show,
Williamsburg, Virginia

Honorable Mention, Sculpture
Boardwalk Art Show
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Resident Sculptor of Shadwell Antiquaires
Charlottesville, Virginia

Art Shows

Boardwalk Art Show, Virginia Beach, Virginia;
Neptune Festival, Virginia Beach, Virginia;
Long's Park, Lancaster, Pennsylvania;
Cleveland, Ohio;
and York, Pennsylvania

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